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table of contents chapter 12 (of 29)

12: Pockets (cont.)

To work a horizontal set-in pocket, knit to the position of the pocket top. Place the knitted stitches on a stitch holder, and, with a new end, knit the required number of stitches for the width of the pocket. Then place the remaining stitches on another stitch holder [pic 8].

8: Keeping unused stitches on stitch holders, work the pocket lining.

Knit the pocket lining, which should be twice the length needed for the depth of the pocket, finishing at the end nearest to the first stitch holder. After checking to make sure that the depth when doubled back is enough to accommodate a hand, transfer the stitches on the first stitch holder to a needle. Knit these stitches, then add the stitches on the second stitch holder. Finish the row and complete the front piece of the garment [pic 9].

9: Tuck the pocket lining in, and knit across all stitches after the lining has been completed.

On the wrong side, stitch each side of the lining together, making the seam as flat as possible to avoid any extra bulk [pic 10].

10: With the lining folded in half, overstitch each side so that the seam is as flat as possible.
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