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12: Pockets (cont.)

Another way to make a horizontal pocket is to make a long buttonhole slit where the top of the pocket will be, and then knit the lining separately and stitch it in place. This will produce exactly the same sort of pocket, but is extra effort for no real reason.


A vertical set-in pocket must be carefully placed. Knit to the start of the bottom of the pocket, leaving the remaining stitches at the end of the needle, and then work short rows until you have reached the top of the pocket [pic 16].

16: Keeping stitches on the ends of the needles, work short rows on one side of the vertical slip pocket.

Finish on a right side row and leave the stitches at the end of the right needle. Using a new end, work the same number of rows, minus one, on the stitches originally on the left needle [pic 17].

17: Starting with a new end, leaving the completed side at the end of the needle, pick up and work the required number of rows on the second side. Finish with a wrong side row. Then knit across all the stitches and complete the piece.

Continuing from the first finished side, work across the remaining stitches and complete the front piece.

Pick up the stitches along the side of the pocket slit to work a band [pic 18].

18: The band picked up and knitted on the side of the pocket slit will cover any lining seam when stitched in place.

Attach the band neatly at each end, and then knit a pocket lining and stitch it in place. Unless the fabric of the garment is VERY thick, don’t try to attach the lining at the top because any stitching will show on the right side. The lining just has to hang inside. The band at the side of the slit will cover where the lining is joined.

Some knitters knit a one layer lining and stitch it into place on the wrong side. However carefully this is done, the line of stitching will still show on the right side. In this case., treat it as a feature.

A pocket set into the side seam is worked in the same way, except that the slit doesn’t have to be knitted, it is just a section of the side seam.


Pockets are a wonderful feature, but need to be very carefully worked!
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