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How to Become an "Expert Knitter"   *Buy this book on CD for offline reading!

table of contents chapter 19 (of 29)

19: Stitch to Stitch or Horizontal Seams (cont.)

Then take the needle up to the top piece. You will see that the first stitch, (this time above the cast-off row) on the right edge of the top piece is in the shape of an inverted V. Take the needle from right to left behind this stitch and then bring it through to the front of the work [pic 4].

4: Next, pick up the first stitch in the same way on the top piece. You are matching a V shaped stitch on the bottom to an inverted V on the top.

Alternating from bottom to top, work along the row to the end. The last stitch will be on the top piece [pic 5].

5: Continue to the end of the row alternating between top and bottom pieces.

Tighten up the row you have just done, and then stretch it out as much as possible [pic 6].

6: Pull thread to tighten row, then stretch to release and even up the row.

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