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table of contents chapter 19 (of 29)

19: Stitch to Stitch or Horizontal Seams (cont.)

That will even out the row and stop the seam distorting the shoulder by being too tight. The match is quite good, but there is a spare stitch at the end of each seam [pic 7,8,9].

7: Shoulder seam is flat and neat, but one stitch juts out at each end.

8: (left) Overhang of one stitch on top piece.
9: (right) One extra stitch on bottom piece.

It looks quite neat, and is an improvement on a backstitch seam, but you can do even better!

The absolute, the perfect match is worked in the same way, except you work the sequence of stitches on the top piece by leaving aside the right hand thread of the first stitch and taking the needle through behind the left-hand side of the first stitch and the right hand side of the second stitch. These two halves of two stitches form a V shape [pic 10].

To adjust to make a perfect match, move the sequence half a stitch along on the top piece. You will see that the stitch you are using on the top and bottom are both V shaped.

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