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Who is the creator of Studio Knits?

Studio Knits is the creation of Rachelle King, an Australian knitwear designer with over 40 years experience. Rachelle has designed original knitwear for magazines, yarns companies and private clients all over the world.

What can I expect to find at studioknits.com?

Beautiful, original easy-to-follow and easy-to-knit patterns for adults, children and homewares. All patterns are fully explained, with detailed illustrations.

There's also a fully illustrated FREE online book, called:  How to Become an "Expert Knitter". It's the distillation of Rachelle's extensive knitting experience, comprising of over 38,000 words and 300+ images. Start reading here!

How do I purchase  Studio Knits patterns, and when do I get them?

You pay for  the patterns using PayPal, and then you are sent an email virtually instantly with a link to the download of the file.

Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can still get your knitting patterns within minutes. You simply sign up when you hit the "Buy Now" button on a pattern, and once your credit card is approved (usually takes under a minute), you are allowed to spend a preliminary amount before you go through a further PayPal verification process. This amount is easily enough to purchase many Studio Knits patterns.

What file format are the patterns in?

The patterns are in Adobe Acrobat© PDF format. You can get a free Acrobat reader from
here. The files arrive in a .zip file. This doesn't make them much smaller, but it does prevent your computer trying to open the PDF from the download link.

What do I get in a pattern?

Click here to see.

The pattern files look big in terms of file size. Why is that, and what if I have problems downloading them?

The Studio Knits patterns are big files because they are full of high resolution, detailed photographs, so allow some time for downloading.

You are given multiple attempts at downloading the pattern file within a 48 hour period. If after this time you have a problem and don't end up with your pattern, email us and we'll sort it out. We will answer emails within 24 hours, and normally much quicker, but please allow for time zone differences.

What am I allowed to do with a pattern?

you can use it to make a beautiful garment! You can also print out a copy to refer to for ease of use while knitting away from the computer.

You can't, however, sell the pattern to anyone else or give anyone else a copy of it. This includes emailing it, as well as printing it out and giving that print out away. Please respect the copyright of the pattern author.

For more on copyright and knitting patterns, see this very well explained material over at www.girlfromauntie.com (and check out the rest of the site too!).

With the baby patterns, I don't see an age range given. Why is that?

Please read this to find out why.

What do I do if I find a problem or mistake with the pattern?

Please email us and we'll get right on to it. Any corrections required will be immediately sent out to you.

When will there be more patterns?


Look for them in the coming weeks. We'll be getting them on line as soon as they're done.

Can I receive email updates about new patterns?

Yes. Click here.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Please email us!

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