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table of contents chapter 19 (of 29)

19: Stitch to Stitch or Horizontal Seams (cont.)

The stitches that you join alternatively on the top and lower pieces are both in the form of a V, as you have moved half a stitch along on the top piece [pic 11].

11: Work row alternating between top and bottom pieces.

When you come to the end of the row, you finish on a half stitch. Catch this half stitch into the end of the row on the opposite piece.

The stitches match perfectly and because you have worked the seam on the closest stitches to the cast-off row, the seam will be as fine as possible [pic 12].

12: Now at the end you have half a stitch which you join in to the end of the row on the opposite piece.

Do a sample and you will see the way it happens [pic 13].

13: Here it is. The perfect match!

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